The Christmas Pony Auction

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an internet auction for
Kids’ Ponies
Leadline Ponies & Show Ponies
Best Friend Ponies
Entries subject to approval

Bidding Opens Thursday, November 29
Bidding Closes Thursday, December 6

Earlybird Entry Discount $99 Entry Fee
Offer Ends November 15, 2018
Discount Code - earlybird
The discount code is case sensitive

all lower case, no spaces.
Be sure to click the text link “APPLY DISCOUNT” to activate the discount.

Entry Fee $159 per entry
plus 8% commission IF sold
Quantity Discounts on Entry Fees (after November 15, 2018)
1 - 4 Entries: $159 ea.
5 - 9 Entries: $129 ea.
10 + Entries: $99 ea

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