You’re steps away from putting your horses and ponies in front of thousands of buyers  

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Thank you for all of your help. You have been extremely responsive in guiding me through the process of selling my horse at auction. This was my first time selling a horse in an auction setting, and it was reassuring to know that someone was there to help every step of the way!
Why Sell at Auction
Learn How to SELL

You’re steps away from putting your horses and ponies in front of thousands of buyers

We handle the transaction for you      
Just like our live auctions, we do the marketing and promotion, handle the paperwork and handle the transaction. The bidding is done completely online during a specified time frame. Your horse(s) stay at home and are presented to potential buyers on their online catalog page. We will guide you in providing the information, photos and videos that will encourage buyers to bid on your horse or pony.
Enter Online
Our web-based entry form allows you to quickly describe your horse or pony, upload photos and videos, and define a reserve, your minimum selling price. Completing the online entry form lets our specialists prepare your listing for upload to the auction site. It lets us know how to contact you about your listing and where we need to send the check after your entry has sold.
Let us do the Marketing
Our marketing will position your entry to sell. Selling on promotes your entry to thousands of bidders by placing it on social media and e-mail blasts to thousands of buyers across the country, maximizing the opportunities to get your entries sold.
Get Paid
We will release the proceeds from the auction to you not earlier that 10 business days, nor later than 15 business days as long as your paperwork is in order. If your entry is registered with a breed association or recorded with an organization, you must send the original certificates to us before we release your money. Your money will come by check unless you specify a wire transfer. The cost of the transfer will be deducted from your funds.
 Provide Quality Videos
Good videos are a MUST.  No matter how you try, it is hard to convince someone to purchase a horse when all they have to go on is are a few pictures or a 10 second video. To get a fair price you MUST provide quality videos. Videos should show the horse/pony at all three gaits in both directions. Grooming/saddling videos are a big plus. Horse show videos are  helpful, as long as it shows your horse/pony in a favorable situation.
Take Digital Photos
To maximize value when selling online it is crucial to provide quality pictures of entry. Buyers may not have the opportunity to inspect your entry in person, so it's important to take pictures that show every aspect of your horse/pony. Show pictures are always a plus, but, not absolutely necessary. Conformation pictures are crucial, and front and rear shots showing the legs are very helpful.
Release Your Entry
Once bidding concludes, we will collect payment from the buyer, and send you a Confirmation of Payment (CoP) form that will allow you to know who purchased your equipment. The buyer will contact you directly to schedule pick up. When that buyer shows up they will show you their copy of the CoP so that you can be confident they have paid. Then simply have the buyer sign your copy of the CoP and e-mail or fax it to us.
Learn to add value with good videos
Learn to add value with good photos

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