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The way you buy & sell is changing...
  1. 2 minutes?
    That's all you get in a sale ring. NOT HERE. Our "soft close" feature keeps your horse in Extended Bidding open as long as people are bidding. Nobody gets "quick hammered".
  2. Reach Buyers Everywhere
    Your horses are offered to buyers everywhere! You're NOT limited to the people at the sale, and a few phone bidders. And if they’re not at the sale ring when you get your 2 minutes...
  3. Save the Trip
    Save the money. Your horses stay at home during the process. No shipping costs. No hotel costs for you or your team. No risk to your horses.
Strike while the iron is hot.
  • When your horse, or a horse in its family, wins a big race, you can cash in, quickly.
  • We can create a custom auction for your horse in 48 hours.
Thoroughbred Auctions for the 21st Century