The door to the future just opened

U.S. District Court Ordered Dispersal of Thoroughbreds
in CFTC v. Rust Rare Coin Inc.

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70 Thoroughbreds Offered Without Reserve
67 sold - 3 no bids
An Internet Only Auction
Bidding Closed February 25

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The door to the future just opened


Gross Price:  $334,750.00
Average Price:  $4,996
Horses Sold: 67

266 Registered Bidders
155,377 page views
Horses sold to 14 states and Canada

The way you buy & sell is changing…

Online Auctions - Bidding is open for days. And bidding stays open as long as there are bids. Bidding for Finale stayed open for 109 minutes!

Live Auctions - If you have a really good horse you get 3 minutes in the sale ring. Usually we get a couple of minutes in the sale ring. A couple of minute to get paid for a lot of hard work, and a lot of investment.

Online Auctions - Your buyer pool is nationwide.

Live Auctions - Your buyer pool is limited to the people at the sale, and a few phone bidders. And if they’re not at the sale ring…

Online Auctions - Your horses stay at home… Your investment is in having good videos and good photos made, getting the vet report completed. Your investment is the time to answer the calls.

Live Auctions - An expensive trip to the auction.