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Remember when you were a teen or young adult trying to decide how you could be involved with horses I when you grew up'?

Do you think about where the next generation of horsemen and women will come from?

How will they be trained and developed?

Join us in providing an outstanding opportunity to help these 'prospects'.

Our Young Breeders T earn is open to all young adults, ages 16 - 25. They do not need to own a horse.

Through a strong curriculum developed by the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses, the members learn about
  • Stable Management &Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Anatomy & Vet Care
  • International Sport
  • Presenting Horses In-Hand
  • Judging Conformation
  • Judging Free Jumping

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American Hanoverian Society
Young Breeders Club
Fund Raising Auction
Bidding Open May 16 -23, 2019

The Young Breeders Team will be representing the American Hanoverian Society and competing in the
International Young Breeders Championships in Austria.